Guadalhorce Multisports

 The Real Guadalhorce Club de Golf is a family club above all. The multisports activities is designed thinking that the family can enjoy every weekend

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The same as every year our multi-sports days will cover all the weekends of the school calendar. Additionally, the following days will be included at the normal tariff:

- 12th October: Spanish National Holiday
- 1st November: All Saints Day
- 6th December: Spanish Constitution Day
- 8th December: Immaculate Conception

The playroom will open on the remaining holiday days between 12:00H and 18:00H with payment for the facility made separately. 


The days not included in the normal rate are:

- 25th December: Christmas Day
- 2nd & 6th January: New Year’s Day & Three Kings
- 28th February: Andalucía Day
- 29th & 30th March: Easter Thursday and Good Friday
- 1st May: Labour Day


As every year, a children’s menu will be available within the established times, that is, tickets may be obtained from the Caddy Master up until 13:15H although the meals will be served up until 14:00H.

Once this time has passed it will be for parents to request the dish they require in the restaurant and then they should go to the cabins if the children are unaccompanied.

Meals will be paid for in advance by means of tickets that can be purchased from the Caddy Master.


The planned activities for the next months are as follows:

23/09 – Start of Multi-Sports (Minimum 3 years of age).
29/10 – Special Halloween Party
16 or 17/12 – Father and Sons Trophy & Father Christmas
16/06 - Gymkhana Multi-sport.


Playroom: 10:30h to 18:30h.

 11:00h to 18:00h.
(Summer time)


Complete Season - 1 day (Saturday or Sunday): 340€ 
Complete Season - 2 days (Saturday and Sunday): 500€

Season ticket of 12 tickets: 150€
Single day for Member enrolled in Multi-sport:
Single Day for Member:
Single Day for Non-Member:
20€ (maximum 2 days a month).
1 hour:

In addition to these services, a Christmas Camp (from 26th December to 30th December) and during half-term (27th February to 3rd March) will be available should the number of children enrolled exceed 30 (subject to fees to be determined.)

The Summer Camp will run from 26th June to 28th July (specific documentation will be sent out later.)

We remind you that we offer a service for birthdays, as well as any other type of event or celebration.

You are reminded that any child under the age of 14 years who is unaccompanied within the Clubs facilities will be taken to the children’s area, with responsibility for them passing to their parents. Likewise, any member’s guest will be obliged, if their children are unaccompanied, to take out a member’s ticket for the day which will give the right to use the Multi-Sport facilities.

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