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Real Guadalhorce Club de Golf – A Golf Club with history in Malaga

Real Guadalhorce Club de Golf – A Golf Club with history in Malaga

Redesigned by our honorary member

Miguel Ángel Jiménez


Surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, the designer took advantage of the terrain’s orography to give beauty and movement to the 18 fairways along the route.


We have modern and diverse facilities so that all members of the family have their place in the Club and can enjoy their favourite sports.


Real Guadalhorce Club de golf-ambiente-familair

We promote family sports and we encourage children’s schools, we want the youngest members of the family to feel important in the Club.

A Little History

Real Guadalhorce Club de Golf was born from the iniciative of a group of friends and golf players who joined together to create a private golf club in Malaga.

Once the project was initiated, this group counted on the collaboration of other people from Malaga who joined in. Mr. Kauko Rastas joined as an investor who made the development of the project possible with his contribution, as well as making this Spanish club known among the Finnish public.

The project was realised using magnificent grounds north of Malaga airport, which included a typical 18th century country house, today’s clubhouse.

The family atmosphere is one of its main characteristics and, despite its private nature, its facilities can be used in the mornings on weekdays, subject to previous reservation.

Being a member of Real Guadalhorce Club de Golf is an honour for all those who see golf as an attitude in which integrity, respect and honesty with oneself and with others prevail. By becoming a member of our Club you will be able to enjoy all the facilities in a privileged environment among many other things.

If you want to enjoy our club with all the privileges contact us to become a member.

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